About Me

My name is Karen. I grew up around birds. In fact, my nickname was 'birdgirl' as a child. 
My parents started raising parakeets before I was born, then cockatiels and conures when I was around 9 years old. I assisted in the process with them- changing flight papers, feeding, care of babies, etc. In fact, they still have one of their cockatiel babies; he is 20 years old!
I grew up with a crazy (and moody!) Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot named Mary. She was a part of our family and definitely taught me to read and respect the wild nature of birds.

As a young adult my path led me to volunteering at a wildlife rescue for a short time. I was put in the nursery (unbeknownst to them I had worked with baby birds before) because they felt my calm demeanor was well suited for it. I can tell you I was thankful that I didn't start out in the 'mice and rat room' as the other volunteers did! I almost went the path of a vet assistant when I was unexpectedly offered a job at a no-kill shelter, but my path eventually led me elsewhere- marriage and motherhood. :)

Currently I have a family of my own: a husband, Scott, and three children.
After becoming acquainted with the Eclectus Parrot, I fell in love. I have selected my species to breed very carefully, as I want those who fit in with my current family needs and situation.
The Indian Ringneck Parakeet is another species that I am very fond of. I also have Alexandrine Parakeets and Green Cheek Conures, that will hopefully produce babies in the near future. 

Our baby birds are raised in a loving, not too quiet, low stress family environment. They are raised around young children and dogs, hearing all sorts of normal household noises and interactions.
I also have my pet, Rita, the Vos Maeri Eclectus Parrot who is a mentor to the babies.