Sam & Ruby

Meet Sam and Ruby- our pair of Red Sided Eclectus Parrots

This is Ruby. Sweet, quiet, reserved and mild mannered- even when I'm checking on her chicks. 

This is Sam. He's a curious, funny and friendly guy. He has the sweetest voice and noises.

They love in this very large cage that is rotated with toys and natural branches from bird-safe trees in my yard, and supplemented with broad-spectrum light when needed. An outdoor aviary is in the planning stages for them to hang out in during the warmer months.

Sam and Ruby were hatched in May 2008. They are an unrelated pair that were hatched from parents that were from the San Diego Zoo breeding program in California.
They were parent raised and at a year sold to a local bird lover and breeder.
After a few years, they laid one egg and their first baby was born on Easter day. A girl they were allowed to raise for 3-4 weeks, then was hand-fed and kept as the breeder's personal pet. After that time, Sam and Ruby's eggs were given to other breeders to incubate. Due to personal reasons, the breeder sold most of their stock and moved to the Kansas City, MO area- only bringing Sam, Ruby and their first baby. This is when I met the breeder and this beautifully kept and spoiled pair. I bought them in April of 2013 and almost exactly six months later, they gave me two little babies.
Sam and Ruby are fed a varied diet of Roudybush pellets (no artificial colors) and daily fresh foods including veggies, fruits, berries, nuts, beans/lentils, hard boiled eggs (for breeding health), seeds and sprouts.