Eclectus Parrots

My experience with the Eclectus parrot has been amazing. First of all, they are strikingly gorgeous. Some people scarcely believe they are real, their beauty is out of this world. Ekkies are great family birds. They are generally friendly with everyone, even if they do develop a favorite. Our female Vos Maeri, Rita, is friendly with all strangers, but loves to snuggle up with her mama (me!) the most. 

They are quiet! Well, as quiet as a parrot can be. Each have their own little noises.
Eclectus are wonderful talkers, rivaling the African Grey and Amazon parrots.
Not an overly cuddly and needy bird, which is why they fit so well in a family setting. Generally they will not be screaming at you all day for your attention, they are an intelligent and easy going species.

Eclectus do not have a specific breeding season, they can breed year round. As a result, some of them can be hormonal multiple times a year. 

Eclectus have a lifespan of about 50 years, so it is a serious commitment to own one. They also require quite a bit of fresh food in their diet. I feed a base diet of Roudybush pellets, with daily fresh food selections including fruits, veggies, beans/lentils/pasta, sprouts, seeds, nuts and berries.
They enjoy all sorts of toys, foraging and natural branches for enrichment. Providing these things are necessary for a healthy, well-adjusted, emotionally stable bird.

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